Vivanta Surgery Recovery

Vivanta Surgery Recovery


Vivanta is a 9 day perisurgical nutraceutical system to speed recovery and reduce pain, swelling and inflammation after surgery.


Starting three days prior to surgery, dissolve (1) Step 1 sachet in water and take twice per day. Take each additional stage twice daily in order until completed (9 days).


May aggravate symptoms of gout. Should not to be used by patients with bleeding disorders, liver disease and kidney disease. Vivanta may cause an upset stomach if taken on an empty stomach.

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Naturally Reduce Inflammation and Accelerate Wound Healing

Three Easy Steps to a Healthy Recovery
Vivanta Helps Prepare and Recover From Surgical Trauma

Heal Faster!

Get back to doing what you love

Reduce Risk of Complications

Have a safer and healthier recovery!

Use Less Opioids

Don't just mask the pain - heal it!


Arginine & Citrulline

Balances the immune system and increases blood flow.


Blocks the messengers of inflammation.


A fuel source for the immune system and helps rebuild damaged tissues.


Helps reduce oxidative stress and free radicals.